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>> Main Activities
Here are some of the ADGE’s main activities :

  • The ADGE created in 2000 the website, a real opening to and on the world. The site allowed the Association to get in touch with numerous researchers and Eiffel enthusiasts, and to verify the current condition of Eiffel’s works across the globe. Click here to send us your recent photos of works of Gustave Eiffel.

  • The ADGE created the Eiffel Scientific Committee pour répondre précisément aux questions qui lui sont adressées, notamment les demandes officielles d’identification des ouvrages de Gustave Eiffel, et pour concerter les actions de protection de ses œuvres. Le Comité Scientifique Eiffel regroupe les plus éminents spécialistes du grand ingénieur - parmi lesquels Vincent Guigueno (adjoint du Directeur de la Recherche au musée du Quai Branly, Spécialiste du patrimoine des phares), Odile Lassère (Conservateur en Chef du Patrimoine - Conservateur du Musée du Fer à Nancy), Bernard Toulier (Conservateur Général du Patrimoine - Spécialiste de l’architecture du 20ème siècle) ou Bertrand Lemoine (Architecte et historien - Directeur de recherche honoraire CNRS. Spécialiste de l’architecture métallique)

  • The ADGE keeps a close watch on all constructions linked to Gustave Eiffel and his work, and campaigns for their preservation. It is the case in particular for:
    The Eiffel bridge of Bordeaux
    The ADGE approached as early as 2001 the public authorities and the SNCF (French National Railway Company) in order to defend this structure which was threatened by destruction (cf. news). The Bordeaux bridge is important for several reasons: it is Gustave Eiffel's first work as project manager – at only 26 years old - and also the site where he experimented with the innovative techniques which would make his success in the following years (cf. Press article of 2004). The actions of the ADGE were later carried on by the Association « Sauvons la Passerelle Eiffel », created in 2005 by our cousins Myriam Larnaudie-Eiffel and Xavier Larnaudie-Eiffel and intended to involve the locals of the Bordeaux area. These combined actions led to the registration of the bridge as an historical monument - it can no longer be destroyed - and allows to consider a new future for it, possibly as a place for exhibitions (cf. news)
    The Eiffel bridges in Vietnam
    The ADGE organized a trip to Vietnam in order to list the Eiffel bridges still in existence in the region – the beginning of a long-term effort for the preservation of Eiffel’s work in Asia.
    Gustave Eiffel’s Grave
    In very poor condition, Gustave Eiffel’s grave threatened to collapse (cf. news). The Association successfully intervened with the Town Hall of Levallois in order to have it restored. Our members were able to go and mediate on Gustave Eiffel’s grave during our 2009 General Assembly (cf. news).
    The monumental sculpture : « le Rêve Ailé »
    A creation from French sculptor Robert Rigot, winner in 1954 of the first Grand Prix de Rome, this giant bird of metal was erected in Dijon in 1981 in the memory of Gustave Eiffel. Damaged by rust and time, the ADGE obtained from the town hall, at the end of 2013, that the statue be fully repaired and restored (cf. news).

  • The ADGE evaluates the demands relative to the use of Gustave Eiffel’s name or image, which are submitted to it. It grants, or refuses, its moral authorization depending on the connection between these projects and the memory of the big engineer. Business oriented projects come under special scrutiny and, according to the will of our ancestor, are validated in only very limited cases.

  • The ADGE defends the name and the memory of Gustave Eiffel, and intervenes in justice when it is necessary. It did so very successfully in particular against the company Gustave Eiffel Licensing, which sold poor quality products to the name and to the effigy of our ancestor cf. summary of the ruling), or against the CFECM, subsidiary of the group Eiffage which used the name Eiffel without authorization of the family (cf. summary of the ruling). More recently the ADGE went to trial againt the abusive and purely profit oriented use of the trademarks GUSTAVE EIFFEL, EIFFEL and CAFÉ EIFFEL, registered and used without family authorization. All these trademarks were nullified by the ruling of the Court of Appela of Bordeaux from November 20th 2018 (RG n° 15-07185), confirming the first ruling of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Bordeaux from October 13th 2015 (cf. summary of the ruling)

  • The ADGE takes part in numerous events linked to the memory of Gustave Eiffel and the defense of his works, among others :
    - the meeting of the World Heritage Congress in Saint Flour in November 2019 to defend the project of a classification of Eiffel’s famous viaduct as a world heritage monument by the UNESCO;
    - the celebrations of the 140th anniversary of the Viana Do Castelo bridge in Portugal in June 2018 ;
    - the celebrations for the 130th anniversary of the opening of the Garabit viaduct in September 2018 ;
    - the meetings organized in 2015 by the Departmental Council of the Gironde to discuss the restoration of the Cubzac Bridge and the possible adjunction of a bicycle lane on one side of the bridge;
    - the Eiffel events organized in memory of the great engineer by the association « Eiffel born in Dijon » in November 2019;
    - the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of Gustave Eiffel’s death etc.

  • Members of the ADGE take part in documentaries and TV shows about Gustave Eiffel in order to inform the public and promote his memory, among others:
    - the documentary Gustave Eiffel, the technology behind the genious aired on RMC Discovery from November 19th 2019 ;
    - for the 130th birthday of the Eiffel Tower : Jean-Jacques Bourdin's radio and TV show "La Matinale" on RMC and BFM-TV, Wendy Bouchard's radio show « le Tour de la question » on Europe 1, the 19/20 and Météo à la carte on France 3 etc.