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Gustave Eiffel :
>> His life
  • Gustave’s youth

    Gustave Eiffel was born on December 15th 1832 in Dijon, France. His father, François Alexandre Boenickhausen, known as « Eiffel », was a former hussar from Napoleon’s armies. But the figurehead of the family was certainly his mother, Catherine Mélanie... read more >>

  • The first successes

    When Charles Nepveu’s business faced unexpected financial difficulties, Gustave Eiffel decided to continue to work for him, even without pay. Several bridges designed by the young engineer won tenders organized by rail way companies. When Nepveu’s company is finally absorbed by the... read more >>

  • The Glory

    The 1870’s and 1880’s are a glorious period for Gustave Eiffel. From all over the world, all now call on the G. Eiffel et Cie. company to create the most important and the most complex works of the period, such as:
    ‐ the Pest train station in Hungary...

  • The Eiffel Tower

    The monument the most easily associated with the memory of the great engineer is without doubt the famous tower that bears his name. Conceived with his two main collaborators, Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier, as well as with the collaboration of the architect Steven Sauvestre ... read more >>

  • The forgotten scientific work

    At the beginning of the 1890s, Gustave Eiffel finds himself involved, very unintentionally, with the setbacks of the Panama Canal, for which he had designed the giant locks. Hurt by the groundless accusations he are targeted against him – the press and the politicians are pressing ... read more >>

  • Death of Gustave Eiffel

    An extraordinary engineer, a great scientist, a leading “captain of industry”, a patriarchal figure respected by his family, Gustave Eiffel died with all possible honors on December 27th 1923 in Paris in his luxurious residence of 1 rue Rabelais (now destroyed).