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Nov, 2018

The Court of Appeal of BORDEAUX followed the demands of the Association of the Descendants of Gustave Eiffel and of several descendants by declaring illegal several EIFFEL and GUSTAVE EIFFEL trademarks filed in violation of their rights.

By its judgment of November 20, 2018 the Court recognized the full capacity and admissibility of the ADGE and the descendants bearing the name to demand the invalidity of Eiffel trademarks filed without prior authorization. It declared these trademarks void, ordered their cancellation, and the payment of damages by Philippe-Coupérie-Eiffel, the owner of these illegal trademarks.

Strengthened in its role of monitoring the use of the name, the image, and the memory of Gustave Eiffel, the ADGE will undertake, if necessary, new actions in France and abroad to protect these uses.