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Become a Sympathizing Member of the ADGE
« Descendants, enthusiasts, local residents, it’s up to us, united, to ensure the long term existence of the unique and brilliant works of Gustave Eiffel. We are all the heirs of Eiffel ! »

In answer to frequent demands, and in order to strengthen its actions, the Extraordinary General Assembly of September 6th 2013 created a new status of Sympathizing Member, opened to all who wish to aid the ADGE and to support its actions in defense of the memory and of the works of Gustave Eiffel.

Sympathizing Members are informed of all our actions and invited to join them. They are also invited to meetings organized by the ADGE. They do not take part in the GA votes.

The annual subscription of Sympathizing Members has been set to 25 Euros. That amount will be used to finance our actions on the field, as well as to continue our identification and index of all surviving works by Gustave Eiffel (Association under the 1901 French law, the ADGE is a strictly non-profitable organization).

Don’t hesitate to join us, and/or to support us with your donations, by filing up the form below :
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I hereby certify that the information entered above is correct and (select the desired options) :

pledge that, by becoming a Sympathizing Member of the ADGE, I shall respect the purpose and values of the association, as described on this website, and to support the ADGE in its defense of the memory, the name and the works of Gustave Eiffel :

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